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Picture of Bride Responding to Clarksville Crash Goes Viral

In an unusual story, a picture of a woman in a wedding dress responding to a Clarksville car accident recently went viral online. The bride, Sarah Ray, had just married her husband Paul when she was leaving the ceremony. During the drive out, Ray received a call stating that her grandparents and father got into a crash. According to WTVF-TV, the car accident occurred on October 3 at the corner of 101st Adult Dentistry and Trenton Road, almost two miles away from the church where the wedding occurred. Incredibly, Ray and Paul, both paramedics, responded immediately to the scene of the accident. “Anybody in the EMS field would’ve done the same thing,” Ray told WTVF. “I don’t know if what I did was special but I was in a wedding dress.” As Ray was responding to the crash, her mother, Marcy Martin, snapped a photo of her walking away from…
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