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Nashville Man Killed By Equipment in Construction Accident

According to WKRN-TV, a worker was killed in a construction accident on Franklin Limestone Road in Nashville on September 21. The network reported that a 44-year-old man died at Southland Brick and Block while operating a piece of equipment. Metro Police are still investigating the incident. Investigators said that it appears as though the victim leaned over the equipment, into a dangerous zone and was crushed by the machine as it was pushing a piece of block onto a conveyor belt. The victim’s coworkers allegedly attempted to perform CPR on him, but he died at the scene of the incident. Holding an Employer Liable Following a Workplace Accident As we reported in this April blog, if your loved one is ever killed in a workplace accident, in addition to any formal investigation that is conducted by authorities, you should have an independent investigation conducted by our Nashville workplace accident attorney….
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Downtown Nashville Building Partially Collapses

On April 8, 2015, a partial building collapse in downtown Nashville led to the closing of a section of Lower Broadway. The building, located between Third and Fourth avenues, began to rain bricks down on construction workers and damaged nearby businesses by breaking windows. The 150-year-old building has been under construction since January, and after the collapse was analyzed by a structural engineer, it was determined that the building still posed a risk to nearby pedestrians and required more support. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident; however, had someone been unlucky enough to be standing nearby when the collapse happened, the falling bricks and shattered glass could have easily caused serious bodily damage, catastrophic injuries and even wrongful death. What Do I Do If I Am Injured by a Collapsing Building? Building collapses generally occur due to building design, construction or maintenance defects. If you suffer an injury…
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