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Dirty Dozen 2017: The Companies Whose Workers Are Most at Risk

Every year, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) compiles a list of 12 companies that put workers at risk with unsafe practices. In observance of Workers’ Memorial Week, which honors workers who die in workplace accidents, they have released this year’s report. Who made the cut for “Dirty Dozen 2017?” Atlantic Drain Services. The company came under fire in October 2016 when two Boston workers in an unsupported trench were buried alive and drowned. As a result, senators in Massachusetts are seeking to increase penalties for corporate manslaughter. California Cartage. The Long Beach company caused the death of a driver and had problems with safety violations in California and Georgia, as well as a lack of machine safeguards, faulty brakes and more. Dedicated TCS. A worker died in a confined space after the company was cited three times for not fixing the problem. Dollar General. Over…
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