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Is Drugged Driving Becoming More of a Problem Than Drunk Driving in Tennessee?

Recently, The Tennessean brought light to a disturbing turn of events. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) data, drugged driving has passed drunk driving and distracted driving to become the leading factor in fatal car accidents in Tennessee. In the piece in The Tennessean, a mother tells the tragic story of her college-aged son’s death due to drugged driving. The young man was 22 years old at the time of his death. He had graduated from Lipscomb University pre-med only two months prior to the deadly crash. He was also only days removed from proposing to his high school sweetheart before he was killed in the drugged driving accident. The other driver in the wreck was alleged to have been on hydrocodone and amphetamines at the time of the incident. How Did Drugged Driving Become the Top Cause of Fatal Crashes in Tennessee? A WJHL-TV report included a statement from…
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