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Is Elderly Abuse Becoming More Common in Tennessee?

Unfortunately, Tennessee is experiencing something called the “Silent Crisis.” Elderly abuse, which usually takes place at the hands of those most trusted by the victim, goes unreported more often than not. In Tennessee, the number of assaults increased by roughly 20 percent between 2009 and 2013. The number of fraud cases against elders increased by 21 percent during this time. Worse still, the projected number of unreported elder abuse cases could be as high as 23 percent. Elderly abuse can take many forms, which include: Physical assault Psychological abuse Neglect Financial exploitation Sadly, most of this abuse goes unreported if the victim feels shame, a fear of becoming dependent, a desire not to be relocated or when the abuser is a family member. In some cases, it is possible the victim doesn’t even realize the abuse is happening. What are State Representatives Doing to Protect the Elderly? Luckily, the General…
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