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Road Debris in Nashville – What Do I Do If I’m Hit?

Danger is lurking on Nashville’s roads in the form of road debris. Ask driver Marissa Stone, who saw a large piece of metal get flung up into her path. Or driver Brian Mac, who witnessed sheets of siding flying around on the road. Or Jonathan Wentworth, who ran through pieces of latticework and popped his tires on the nails. Road debris is becoming a huge problem in Nashville, and with 100 new people moving into the city every day, more and more are being exposed to the serious danger of accidents due to debris. But where is all of this debris coming from, and what can we as a city do to end the danger? Unsecured Loads, Car Accidents and Other Sources of Debris One of the main things that investigators see when it comes to road debris is that it comes from improperly secured cargo. Whether a trucking company…
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