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Who Can I Hold Liable for My Child’s High School Sports Injury?

On August 3, senior football player Jefferey Cox sustained severe spinal injuries after a routine scrimmage practice. He now attends a long-term treatment program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, but doctors have told Cox and his family he may never walk again. Sports injuries are common in Tennessee high school football players and can range from minor to severe, but who is to blame when a child is injured on the field? Can I Hold Another Party Liable After a Sports Injury? In amateur sports, the general rule is “no injury liability,” which means that injuries are an accepted risk of playing high school sports. However, there are rare cases in which a third party might have legal liability for any serious injuries. If your sports injury was the result of “unreasonably aggressive behavior” on the fault of another participant or player, the assumption of risk would not bar you…
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Logger Killed On Work Site By Falling Tree

A logger from Briceville, Tennessee was victim of a work accident on May 6. 60-year-old Calvin L. Daughtery was at a Campbell County work site when he suffered a head injury due to a falling tree. Daughtery was cutting a tree when it fell, hit another tree and caused the top to break. The top of the tree then fell and hit Daughtery, which caused him to hit his head on a rock, causing a severe head injury. Investigators have ruled the death an accident and stated there would be no further investigation into the case. Unfortunately, many deaths happen in work places, some of which are avoidable. Some of the most common workplace accidents are truck accidents, slips and falls, and malfunctioning equipment. Work accidents often times leave families with a financial burden. Our Nashville injury attorney wants to help alleviate that burden by pursuing the party responsible for…
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One Year Later, Tennessee High Student Fondly Remembers His Friend Killed in Tragic Car Accident

Ian Addison and Austin Arnold were known around Tennessee High School as two best friends who were always attached at the hip. Addison remembers all the little things that made Arnold a unique character ever since they met in 2007. The Bristol Herald Courier reported that Addison recalled a time in which Arnold randomly wanted to take a picture with a stranger while they were eating at a local restaurant. “That’s Austin,” Addison chuckled. “I’m just the one who kind of laughed at him.” Sadly, Addison has a hard time remembering all the events that occurred on January 13, 2012. Addison and Arnold were traveling together on Big Springs Road in Sullivan County when their vehicle hit a patch of ice. Unfortunately, the fatal car accident killed Arnold, and left Addison with a concussion and other head injuries that hospitalized him for 10 days. Now that he has recovered, he…
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