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Why are Medical Spas in the Plastic Surgery Industry Dangerous?

A medical spa is any place that performs or offers cosmetic medical services. According to the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners, this includes “any service that uses biologic or synthetic material, a chemical application, a mechanical device or a displaced energy form of any kind that is capable of altering or damaging living tissue to achieve an aesthetic result.” That said, why are medical spas dangerous? Given Nashville’s rapid growth and booming economy that has appeared with the influx of people moving here, more disposable income has been made available, which many are choosing to use to improve their appearance. The Nashville Ledger reports, however, that most experienced surgeons are weary of this growth in the plastic surgery industry. They are concerned the demand coupled with a complete lack of regulation has created a free-for-all situation. Essentially, these “medical” spas are opening up without any actual medical supervision. What are…
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