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Can a Passenger File a Claim After a Car Accident?

Passengers injured in car accidents can file a personal injury claim. In general, passengers have an easier time filing these cases because they won’t have a tough time proving driver liability. In two-car or one-car accidents, a driver in almost all cases will be found liable for causing the accident. However, the process of filing a claim is a little different for passengers than drivers. When a passenger files a claim after being in a two-car accident, they should be filing a claim against both drivers involved in the crash. As such, passengers are advised to collect insurance and contact information from both drivers. Under Tennessee law, passengers can file claims: If the driver’s negligence (such as distracted driving) caused the accident If the other driver is responsible for injuries caused to the passenger If both drivers are found liable for the accident. For example, if a faulty brake light…
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Drivers With Suspended Licenses are Wreaking Havoc on Nashville Roads

Earlier this month, a driver involved in a hit-and-run bicycle accident that seriously injured a cyclist was tracked down by police and arrested. As it turns out, the driver had four previous DUI convictions on his driving record and was driving on a suspended license. Just last month, another driver was charged with his third DUI for injuring two people and killing a third in a horrible pedestrian accident. This driver also had a suspended driver’s license. Just a week before this, a driver was charged with child endangerment after smoking marijuana and crashing her car on I-65 with four young children. This driver was driving on a revoked license. Apparently, drivers with suspended licenses are causing serious injuries and endangering others on the road. What Happens When You are Hit by a Driver with a Suspended License? Driving is a privilege. However, many drivers willfully operate a vehicle without a…
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Putnam County Car Accident Injures Three People

According to WTVF-TV, three people were injured in a car accident involving two vehicles in Putnam County on December 1. WTVF reported that the collision occurred around 5:50 p.m., on Highway 70 near State Route 56. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), 85-year-old George Shanks was injured along with his 64-year-old wife Brinda Shanks. Sixty-three-year-old Jimmy Brown was also injured in the crash, according to the THP. Investigators said that Shanks was traveling with his wife westbound on Highway 70 when he crossed the median and struck the other vehicle head-on. Officials said that the Shanks were transported to Cookeville Regional Medical Center for treatment. It is unclear were Brown was transported to a hospital for treatment or if he was treated at the scene of the crash. Shanks is expected to be charged with failure to exercise due care and driving without a license, according to WTVF. Find…
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