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New Technology Allows First Responders To Influence Traffic Signals

Twenty intersections in Cleveland will receive an upgrade with a new traffic-based, pre-emption GPS system this summer. The Cleveland Utilities board voted to purchase the system and equip ten fire department vehicles with the new control units. The new GPS devices will allow first responders to control traffic lights from a distance to help disperse traffic in case of an emergency. Cleveland Fire Chief Steve Haun said that part of making sure responders arrive at accidents as quickly as possible is quick connectivity to signal controls. In addition to the GPS purchase, the city will be adding LED-warning signs above the Norfolk Southern Railway Bridge to prevent any future collisions. According to railroad officials, there is at least one collision per  month on the bridge. When a car accident occurs, time is of the upmost importance, especially if the victim is suffering from a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury….
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Nashville Accident Lawyer: Football Association Proposes $100 Million Study on Player Injuries

Last week we discussed the case of Junior Seau, a retired NFL player who committed suicide and was later diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a disease caused by repeated head trauma. Seau’s family is suing the NFL and a helmet manufacturer for negligence that led to Seau’s death. On January 29, the National Football League Players Association (NFPLA), a labor organization that represents professional football players, announced that it is negotiating a $100 million deal with the NFL and Harvard University to study the effects of brain injuries and other trauma on players. According to CNN, this funding will go not only to research, but also to diagnosing, supporting and treating football players living with the damaging effects of a career in high-contact athletics. “No one has ever studied these players before,” stated Dr. Lee Nadler, a researcher at Harvard and proposed leader of the study. Nadler is referring to…
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Nashville Car Accident Attorney Discuss Drunk Driver Who Injured Young Son

According to authorities, a man charged with drunk driving after a motor vehicle accident in Cookeville had his young son in the car with him at the time of the crash. The man, 29-year-old Alberto Diego, was driving on South Jefferson Avenue when he allegedly hit another car from behind, causing it so move forward and strike a third vehicle. Police have not stated if any of the drivers or passengers in the other cars were injured in the accident, but Diego’s son suffered serious injuries. Authorities do not believe the child was restrained in the vehicle at the time of the crash. When police arrived at the scene of the accident, Diego appeared to be intoxicated. This man chose to make so many horrible decisions that evening. Diego put himself, his small child and everyone else on the road at risk by driving after drinking alcohol. Before you get…
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