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Nashville Construction Accident Lawyer Reviews Fatal Accident at Rutherford County Quarry

An investigation into the death of a 52-year-old worker that occurred on March 16 at the Hoover Rock Quarry in Murfreesboro is now being taken over by Tennessee’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA). John Boyd died after the truck he was operating fell approximately 60 feet off an embankment, causing the truck to land of its roof. Authorities reported that since the truck is not a commercial grade vehicle but rather industrial, Tennessee Highway Patrol had to relinquish its inspection of the truck to TOSHA. Are Quarry Accidents Common? Tennessee is home to many quarry companies, and they have the responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for their workers. According to statistics from QuarrySafe.com, injuries sustained at a quarry happen as much as three times more often than on other traditional construction sites. Of the types of injuries sustained, the four major causes of injury are: Vehicle Accidents In…
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Construction Worker in Wisconsin with Traumatic Brain Injury Makes Slow Recovery

Most of Martin de Ridder’s memory in the months proceeding the construction site accident on July 5, 2012 are now lost. He was working on a $54 million, bridge-building job in Wisconsin when the task of lifting a 52-ton concrete girder resulted in disaster. He and another crane operator were parked on a barge lifting the girder in tandem using a combination of precise timing and methodical balance, when something went horrifically wrong. De Ridder’s crane collapsed and tipped on its side. He was thrown 10 feet from the crane’s cab and suffered massive head injuries. When he arrived at the hospital, his pupils were fixed and dilated – a sign that let doctors know that he was quickly progressing towards brain death. A CT scan showed massive bleeding in the brain with a large blood clot and enough pressure to impair the flow of blood to the brain stem….
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Nashville Construction Accident Lawyer Considers the Importance of Workplace Safety

In Nashville, Tennessee, recent renovations at the world famous Music City center hit a sour note when construction site safety was ignored, almost costing one worker his life. While attempting to install a window unit at the convention center, the ventilation grate the worker was standing on gave way. He plummeted nearly 27 feet, falling to the concrete parking garage below. The construction fall punctured one of his lungs and broke several bones, including some vertebrae. Knowledge of the potential hazards these unsecured ventilation grates could pose was known prior to the beginning of the construction project. However, no action was taken by Bell Clark, the firm in change of building the project, in order for the company to save time and money. A safety manager on the site talked to an employee weeks before the accident about securing the grates with angle iron and two-by-fours. As the employee began…
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