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Is the University of Tennessee Medical Center Responsible for a Detective’s Death?

In January, a detective responded to a fatal car crash report in Caryville in his unmarked cruiser. Another driver suddenly struck the detective’s cruiser in a head-on collision. The driver that struck the cruiser was issued multiple serious traffic violations. The detective, who was a 12-year veteran with the Jacksboro Police Department and beloved by the community for his philanthropic work, suffered from serious injuries that included broken bones to both his lower and upper body. The detective underwent multiple surgeries and his doctors started him on pain medication to make him comfortable while he recovered. His recovery was going fairly well. That is, until he suddenly and very unexpectedly died. The detective’s doctors told his wife he passed due to an “embolic event,” which is where a clot blocks the regular blood-flow and causes a stroke. However, an autopsy later revealed that the detective had fatal levels of narcotic…
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Tennessee Safety Officials Fine Chattanooga Plant for Worker Fatality

TAG Manufacturing in Chattanooga, Tennessee received a $16,000 fine from the Tennessee Department of Labor following the death of a worker. Larry Chubbs, 54, was walking on a catwalk over a fast-moving piece of machinery called a Wheelabrator. The Wheelabrator cleaned large pieces of metal. One of the pieces from the catwalk dislodged, and Chubbs fell into the machine. His workers noticed his absence at a staff meeting that morning and discovered his body about two hours after his accident. The panel that fell was also inside the Wheelabrator. The Tennessee Department of Labor issued the fine after investigating the plant. They cited owners with five serious violations and nine nonserious violations that totaled $16,000. The safety officials noticed that the panels in the catwalk were not held securely in place with bolts, brackets or welding, along with other infractions. TAG Manufacturing appealed the citations, claiming that the management was…
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Parents Lose Child in Car Accident, Denied Emotional Damages

Six years ago, Michael Garrison, 18, was riding his minibike near his home when a car struck him. His dad, Jerry, said his son was “barely breathing” and there was “blood flowing everywhere,” according to his testimony. His wife, Martha Garrison, said she screamed for her son, “telling him I was there and to hang on.” They waited with their wounded son for over an hour for emergency responders to arrive. Their son passed away at the hospital. Any parent can understand how this event would cause painful and invisible scars that never heal. The Garrisons filed a wrongful death lawsuit, claiming that the driver was intoxicated and driving on the wrong side of the road, and that seeing their child in such a horrific condition caused the Garrisons to suffer “grief, fright, shock, depression, loss of sleep and other problems.” However, since these were not physical injuries, the Tennessee…
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