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Doctors with Disruptive Behaviors Put Patients at Risk

Doctors are supposed to be care-givers and healers. They take a vow to do no harm and we trust them to uphold that vow. However, medical professionals have been under scrutiny recently for inappropriate behavior that can negatively affect the quality of patient care. This past June, a Virginia patient turned on the recorder on his phone before surgery so he could remember the doctor’s instructions. Upon listening to it, he discovered the doctor joking about diagnosing him with venereal disease and deliberately marked a false diagnosis of hemorrhoids on the patient’s chart. Aside from having a costly lawsuit on her hands, the doctor also exposed what the medical community is calling “disruptive behavior.” Examples of disruptive behavior can include any of the following: Angry outbursts Crude comments Passive aggressive remarks Profane language Criticizing fellow caregivers in front of patients Sexual innuendos or comments Throwing instruments and charts (which happens…
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