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Doctors Who Do Not Face Timely Consequences For Negligence Put Patients at Risk

Almost two years ago, a Tennessee native went to his doctor for a spinal fusion, which is a routine neurosurgery procedure. The doctor performing the procedure cut into one of the spinal arteries, which caused a massive bleed. When the patient woke up, the man could not move his arms and legs. He will have to live out the rest of his life as a quadriplegic. Rather than running scans and tests to figure out what could be done to help the man’s condition, that doctor moved onto another patient and ignored the problem. A different surgeon who went back in to fix the error in the patient’s spine was horrified at how botched the procedure was. The doctor who botched the procedure went on for one year before the medical board recently revoked his license to practice medicine. During this time, the doctor appears to have intentionally mangled all…
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