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Are Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise in Nashville?

In 2018, Tennessee saw its greatest increase in pedestrian fatalities in years. Pedestrians have been injured and killed in Nashville for years, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. According to the Nashville Pedestrian Death Registry, the city has “not built pedestrian infrastructure with any consistency or quality.” What Is Causing the Increase in Pedestrian Deaths in Nashville? According to WSMV News 4 in Nashville, 1,636 pedestrians were injured, and 78 pedestrians were killed in Nashville crashes from 2014 to 2018. In 2018, 23 pedestrian deaths were recorded. Police, however, have found that out of the 23 pedestrian deaths last year, only five of the cases were the driver’s fault. This shows that a huge cause of Nashville pedestrian fatalities is crossing outside of a crosswalk, or jaywalking. There are a few other possible causes for this dramatic increase in pedestrian accidents in the city. Some include: E-scooters….
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2017 One of the Deadliest Years on Record for Pedestrians

As the year comes to a close, we examine some sobering statistics regarding pedestrian accidents in Music City in 2017. As of early November, 19 pedestrians have been killed in the city – and November and December tend to be the deadliest months of the year for accidents. That means this number, already a record-breaker, could very well increase before 2018 starts. The group Walk Bike Nashville has teamed up with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office to launch the “Look for Me” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of the issue of pedestrian safety and help keep our citizens safe on the roads. “Look for Me” is part of a statewide initiative to reduce the rates of walking and bicycling injuries and deaths. These types of accidents have been on the rise in recent years, not just in Nashville but across Tennessee. The majority of these types of accidents occur…
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Failure to Yield: Nashville’s Dangerous Intersections

Are pedestrians in danger walking downtown due to drivers failing to yield? According to pedestrians who frequent Demonbreun Street, the answer is yes. Resident Bradley Walker says that he is nearly killed every day trying to cross the street, whether it’s day or night. Another resident, Nathan Pierce, says that to cross, you essentially have to run out into moving traffic. Another resident, Julia Rules, compared the crosswalk to the arcade game “Frogger.” While pedestrians have the right of way at intersections and driveways under Tennessee law, this does not always prevent accidents. According to Nashville records, at least 19 people have been killed in pedestrian accidents this year. With a little less than two months left in the year, that number surpassed last year’s total pedestrian fatalities (16). As a result of this year’s increase in pedestrian accidents, Walk Bike Nashville and the Tennessee Highway Safety Office have teamed…
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