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Attorney Stanley Davis Awards Scholarships to Three Local Students

The Law Office of Stanley A. Davis is proud to announce that we have selected three Tennessee students to receive our Pay It Forward Scholarship this year. We take pride in supporting our local community; accordingly, this scholarship was offered to undergraduate students who could demonstrate their commitment to helping the less fortunate, promoting equality and serving their communities. The three students appeared in person at our Nashville law office, where founder Stanley Davis presented each with a check. This scholarship will help our winners pay for their college education; all three winners are attending Tennessee universities. Originally, this scholarship was offered to just one student, but it proved impossible to choose between our top three applications. About the Recipients of the Pay It Forward Scholarship Each of our three scholarship recipients wrote an essay detailing how our nation’s legal system helped or hindered them in their efforts to serve…
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What is Security Negligence?

Security guards tread a fine line between safety and negligence. They are expected to keep the peace and remove unruly guests without causing injury. However, sometimes a security team member can take their duty too far and injure a person. In these cases, negligence will need to be proven for the injured party to file a personal injury claim against the security guard. Depending on the jurisdiction, security guards can use a reasonable amount of force to maintain the peace. Due to this, bouncers and other types of security can push, herd, or even carry unruly guests out of an establishment if deemed acceptable. However, a security guard can be found liable for a personal injury if they breach their duty, causing injury to a person ejected from an establishment. In the case of negligence, intent doesn’t matter. If the guard was careless, reckless, or even if it was a…
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