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How Can I Keep My Dog Safe If I’m in a Traffic Accident?

How can I keep my dog safe if I’m in a traffic accident? In the wake of a recent Nashville bus accident involving rock band Hinder that we blogged about on Monday, this question seems more relevant than ever. Following the bus wreck, it was discovered a service dog that belonged to driver of Hinder’s tour bus was missing. The crash itself happened in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 near Silver Point and involved multiple vehicles, including the tour bus, an SUV and a tractor-trailer truck. An emergency worker who had responded to the incident spotted the dog, who is named Cuzco, wandering around the edge of the crash site immediately after the accident. However, at that time, the worker was unaware that the dog had been involved in the wreck. Once authorities learned that Cuzco was a service dog that had been aboard Hinder’s tour bus, they began…
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