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Can I Sue a Plastic Surgeon for Medical Malpractice?

Typically, patients who receive plastic surgery have certain expectations about the end result. However, unlike most medical procedures, a botched plastic surgery does not necessarily mean a patient has a medical malpractice case. Just because many (not all) of these procedures are elective, does not mean doctors have less of a duty to the patient to perform the procedure in accordance with accepted medical standards. The difficulty with cosmetic surgery malpractice is the patient cannot file a claim just because they are not satisfied with the results. Cosmetic surgery comes with serious risks and can have complications that result in life-changing injuries. When a plastic surgeon does not perform a procedure within the acceptable standards of care, the effects can result in the following: Permanent disfigurement Scarring Caving of the surgical site Excessive bleeding Adverse reactions to anesthesia Paralysis Infection Skin irregularities Death How Can I Spot a Negligent Plastic…
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