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NBC News Warns of Bard Blood Clot Filter Dangers

According to NBC News, at least 27 American deaths have been linked to a medical device implanted in them to prevent blood clots.  The news outlet reported that device is called the Recovery filter, a spider-shaped apparatus that is inserted into the largest vein in the body. C.R. Bard manufacturers the device. NBC News reported that about a quarter million blood clot filters of different varieties are implanted in patients each year in the event that they cannot tolerate blood thinners. One woman who received the Recovery device, Dodi Froehlich, 45, suffered injuries in a car accident that put her at risk for clotting. The filter was supposed to prevent clots from reaching her heart or lungs, but instead, it nearly killed her. Four months after receiving a Recovery implant, Froehlich developed a headache and passed out. She nearly died, and she required emergency heart surgery after testing revealed that…
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