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Is Aggressive Driving a Problem in Nashville?

A woman was driving in an unfamiliar area and moved into the middle lane to turn left. After realizing this was not the turn she needed to take, she turned her blinker on and got back in the right lane before coming to a stoplight. Once at the light, she was startled when a 60-year-old man began banging frantically on her window. She rolled it down to ask what the problem was. Once she did, the man reached through the window and punched her in the face because he thought the woman had cut him off when she turned back into the right lane. This horrifying example is just one of many road rage incidents in Tennessee. In fact, according to a poll from AAA, 80 percent of drivers say they have expressed extreme anger, aggression and road rage at least once a year. Approximately 51 percent say they have…
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