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If an Autonomous Car Causes an Accident, Who is to Blame?

Autonomous cars are heralded as the Next Big Thing – for transportation and for vehicle safety. Most accidents result from human error, and autonomous vehicles take the human out of the equation. But if an autonomous car does cause a car accident – rare though those might be – who is responsible? According to Nashville Metro Council member Robert Swope, 1.5 million people die in car accidents every year. Of those, 90 percent result from human error. Should these cars, which some see as an inevitable sight on our roads, become widespread, not only could millions of lives be saved, but our transportation system could be revolutionized. Instead of spending upwards of $8.5 billion on something like light rail (though also important), a network of autonomous cars could provide much-needed assistance to our mass transit system. But what happens if you are injured by one of these vehicles? Liability in…
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