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Should We Lower Neighborhood Speed Limits in Response to Cars Hitting Homes?

Do you have problems with speeders in your neighborhood? One Antioch neighborhood is calling for change after a series of accidents involving speeders crashing into homes. One woman says that drivers drive so dangerously in her neighborhood that, in the last year alone, four cars have ended up in her yard. And the accidents aren’t mere spin outs – in at least one instance, a driver’s seat ended up in the yard separate from a crashed vehicle. The woman is in contact with Metro police and Metro Public Works to enforce change. A guard rail, a speed limit change, speed bumps and an additional stop sign are all things that residents of the neighborhood believe could help protect the families and children who live along dangerous roads. Lowering Residential Speed Limits – Does It Decrease Accidents? Lower speeds save lives – as one might expect. Drivers who are driving slower…
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