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Old Hickory Teenager Injured In Serious Truck Accident

WTVF-TV reported that an Old Hickory teenager was injured in a freak accident last month, when a truck accidently backed over him. The station reported that Caleb Wilson, 17, was hanging out at Old Hickory Lake with friends when a truck rolled over him. Wilson reportedly broke his ankle and suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Nobody else was injured n the accident. “I just didn’t know what to think,” said Isaac Wilson, Caleb’s brother told WTVF. “It was crazy something could happen like that. It only takes a second for something like that to occur.” Wilson played football and baseball at Goodpasture Christian School. He is being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “We started the hashtag ‘pray for Caleb’ on Twitter and it started trending when he was in surgery yesterday,” said Wilson’s friend, Kaitlyn Hager told WTVF. “People who don’t even know him have been tweeting it,…
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Intoxicated Woman Assaults Police Officer

In a freighting and unfortunate incident, a Murfreesboro woman was arrested in a Taco Bell parking lot for assaulting and threatening a police officer on May 1. 34-year-old Jennifer Pitts was suspected of being intoxicated when she pulled up to a Taco Bell drive through. An employee immediately called the police due to the woman’s behavior. When the police arrived, Pitts was asleep in her car with her head on the steering wheel. When the cop awoke her she began spouting threats and spat in the officers face. Shockingly enough, Pitts is a nurse at a local hospital and has been arrested before in 2009 for a similar incident. Fortunately there were no reported accidents in the area caused by a belligerent or drunk driver. But there are many people who are not so fortunate when encountering a drunk driver. Car accidents caused by drunk drivers are normally very devastating…
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Driver Charged in School Bus Accident that Injured 28

On September 20, a school bus carrying 67 passengers flipped on a road in northeast Tennessee. The bus was taking children home from David Crockett High School when the driver allegedly overcorrected as the vehicle started to drift off the side of the road. Witnesses report that the bus rolled two or three times and landed on its side. Emergency responders took 28 passengers (27 students and 1 adult) to nearby hospitals for treatment. Most injuries were minor, though there were two critical injuries that required surgery: one student had a broken femur, and another had a head wound and a spinal cord injury. 12 students had to spend the night in the hospital. Bus Driver Charged Tennessee Highway Patrol launched an investigation into the bus accident. In the press conference embedded above, Distract Attorney Tony Clark listed the charges against bus driver Brenda Grey. The charges include: Eight counts…
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