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What is Swimming Pool Liability?

Finally, summer is approaching and you may want to lay around a pool to enjoy the lovely weather. However, whether you own a swimming pool in your backyard, are attending a neighbor’s pool party, lying out a public pool or are relaxing at a resort’s poolside, you and your children are at risk for injuries. According to Consumer Affairs, roughly 350 children under 5 years old drown to death in swimming pools every year. More than 2,600 children are treated in hospitals every year for near-drowning accidents. However, not every swimming pool accident results in drowning. Many accidents result in head injuries from diving, slip and fall injuries, lacerations, broken bones or paralysis. No matter where you choose to swim, these risks are associated with swimming pool liability. What Does Swimming Pool Liability Mean to Me? If you own a swimming pool, it is very important for you to understand…
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