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Taco Bell Lawsuit Blames Nashville Restaurant for Kidnapping

In a bizarre story, a Nashville woman has filed a lawsuit against a Taco Bell franchisee, claiming that she was kidnapped by a man following her work shift. According to Courthousenews.com, the woman claims that she was working at the Taco Bell on 4300 Harding Road in May when a man walked up to her as she was going to her car at about 4:50 a.m. She claims that when she saw the man coming, she attempted to walk back into the restaurant but before she could reach the door, a manager locked her out. The man then abducted her as she attempted to go back to her car. The woman claims that the manager at Taco Bell locked himself in a walk-in cooler when he saw the situation unfolding. She said the man who abducted her then made her drive her car through the restaurant drive-thru to demand money,…
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