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What is the Most Dangerous Road in Tennessee?

This particular road is arguably one of the most scenic drives you’ll find. However, it is also heralded as the most dangerous road in the state and, some say, in the country. U.S. Route 129, also known as the Tail of the Dragon, in Blount County, has 318 curves in an 11-mile stretch. The Tail of the Dragon has hundreds of long blind crests, blind curves and high degrees of camber, which can make it more difficult to successfully take a turn. The curves even have names, such as Copperhead Corner, Gravity Cavity and Hog Pen Bend. There is also the Tree of Shame, which is where parts from motorcycles that have crashed are adorned on the tree as a reminder of the road’s dangers. While this road is certainly breathtaking because it’s bordered by a dense forest area and the Great Smoky Mountains, there are few stops along the…
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