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Brain Injuries: New Recommendations Issued for Youth Football

CBS News reports that the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidelines for youth football players in an attempt to promote head safety. More than a million American kids currently play youth football, and the recommendations include a zero tolerance policy for headfirst hits. The suggestions come after a Tennessee football player was critically injured during a high school game in October. The teen suffered severe head trauma following a play. In addition to the zero tolerance policy, the agency recommends that schools and/or sports programs have athletic trainers on the sidelines of games and offer non-tackle football competitions as an alternative for kids who wish to play without sustaining hits. “There’s too many head-to-head hits and leading with the head, known as spearing — that’s been against the rules since 1976 and for some reason referees and coaches have gotten away from enforcing that rule,” said Dr. Greg…
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Nashville Car Accident Attorney Reviews Columbia Car Accident Involving Father and 9-Month-Old Daughter

Joe Sims’ 9-month-old daughter may owe her life to the infant car seat her dad strapped her in to on March 21. At around 11:00 a.m., Sims was leaving the Columbia Mall area when his truck began veering diagonally across South James Campbell Boulevard and ended up crashing into a nearby drainage ditch. The force of the impact smashed the front of his Ford F-150 into the ground. The Daily Herald noted that first responders at the scene found him to be unresponsive to their questions, and he was bleeding from head trauma. When he came to, Sims was unable to use his right arm—a sign of severe head injury. A ladder needed to be lowered into the embankment in order to reach Sims to pull him from the crushed truck. He was quickly airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to be treated for a possible traumatic brain injury (TBI)…
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Manchester Toddler Lives After Sustaining Accidental Gunshot To The Head

After coming home from a shopping trip with her sister, 22-year-old Kandi Brannan unhooked her gun holster and placed it on the bathroom counter. She chose to leave the bathroom quickly to attend to her misbehaving son. However, she forgot something very important—her loaded Kel-Tec .380 handgun was lying on the counter when 3-year-old Taylor Porter found it. While waiting in the bathroom for his bathwater to be ready, Taylor picked up the gun and it accidentally discharged into his forehead. He was transported to a nearby hospital before being taken via helicopter in critical condition to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. According to KTVU- TV, Taylor’s skull was fractured and parts of his brain were exposed. Thanks to the guiding hands of God, Taylor has been reported in stable condition as of March 11. Doctors are hoping that he will make a full recovery. Manchester police are still investigating…
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