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How Can I Avoid a Thanksgiving Holiday Accident?

Do you plan to host a Thanksgiving dinner this week? Make sure your guests are kept safe by ridding your property of potential dangers. Slip-and-fall accidents tend to rise around the holiday season, as weather conditions include ice and snow. Make sure the outside of your house is free of slip hazards. Additionally, make sure that any carpeting inside of your home is free of loose pieces, which could contribute to a fall. Slip-and-fall accidents can result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries and head injuries, which can lead to expensive medical bills. If you are serving food at your party, make sure it is cooked thoroughly and that perishable items are not kept out too long to avoid issues with food poisoning. If you use your kitchen to cook, make sure that the oven, turkey fryer/BBQ and stove burners are turned off, and that all candles are extinguished before…
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