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Why Did TOSHA Fine a Furniture Plant More Than $14,000?

Last year, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development fined a furniture plant $14,750 after the Tennessee Occupational Hazards and Safety Administration investigated the electrocution of a worker. The 26-year-old worker in Whitesburg, Tennessee was cleaning the debris off of a gang rip saw at the furniture plant. He wasn’t aware the power cord connecting to the saw had been damaged repeatedly by a lift table used with the saw. The flexible cord had seven damaged areas, which includes two complete breaks in the wire that had been improperly “repaired” and haphazardly enclosed in electrical tape. Grounding wire was also covered in insulation, essentially stopping it from working. The damage to the cord allowed the lifting table to come into contact with the exposed copper wiring. When the worker made to clean the area, he came into contact with the saw and the table at the same time, which…
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Why is TOSHA Investigating a Construction Accident Involving a Catering Truck?

Earlier this month, an owner of a catering company was driving down Demonbreun Street to work when a brick wall crashed on top of her catering truck. The wall came from the old Methodist Publishing House during its second day of demolition, causing the construction accident. Witnesses told WKRN-TV she received head lacerations and other injuries. Officials have confirmed the driver has been injured during the collapse, though her injuries are non-life threatening. A construction worker participating in the demolition insists no explosives were used during the demolition, however, when the crews were pulling the collapsed portion of the building down, debris from the wall fell the wrong way and into the road. Did the Construction Company Cause This Accident? Residents in the area advocate the construction company should have done more to shield the surrounding area from any wayward debris, such as put up barriers or divert traffic away…
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Nashville Worker Dies in a Tragic Industrial Accident

Just two weeks ago, a worker at a Nashville industrial glass plant died in a tragic industrial workplace accident. The 51-year-old had worked as a production technician who operated the equipment required to manufacture windshields. She had been with the plant for almost 18 years. According to the supervisor, the worker reported a problem with her work station printer. Shortly after, she put her head inside the machine, which set off the printer’s sensors and activated the machine’s work cycle as it would when another windshield was inserted. The worker received severe crush injuries and a fatal head wound. A medical team arrived at the plant shortly after the accident and pronounced her dead. Heartbreaking Accident Reflects Poor Workplace Safety Training A spokeswoman from the Tennessee Occupational Safety & Health Administration released a statement saying the agency is currently investigating the accident, for which the results could take up to six…
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