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A Nashville Injury Attorney Discusses the Best and Worst SUV Rollover Ratings in 2013

While a selling point of a sport-utility vehicle (SUV) often includes the safety afforded by its size and power, SUVs are actually more at risk for rollover accidents than other non-commercial vehicles. Due to its high center of gravity and the short distance between its left and right wheels, the SUV is top heavy, making it less stable and more likely to rollover when turning. In a rollover accident, the roof of an SUV will often collapse inward, leading to serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and wrongful death for its occupants. How Are SUV Rollover Ratings Determined? According to U.S. Department of Transportation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determines the rollover ratings for SUVs using a series of tests and a five-star rating system. The tests and rating system are used to tell how well the vehicles are equipped to avoid rollovers and…
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New Technology Allows First Responders To Influence Traffic Signals

Twenty intersections in Cleveland will receive an upgrade with a new traffic-based, pre-emption GPS system this summer. The Cleveland Utilities board voted to purchase the system and equip ten fire department vehicles with the new control units. The new GPS devices will allow first responders to control traffic lights from a distance to help disperse traffic in case of an emergency. Cleveland Fire Chief Steve Haun said that part of making sure responders arrive at accidents as quickly as possible is quick connectivity to signal controls. In addition to the GPS purchase, the city will be adding LED-warning signs above the Norfolk Southern Railway Bridge to prevent any future collisions. According to railroad officials, there is at least one collision per  month on the bridge. When a car accident occurs, time is of the upmost importance, especially if the victim is suffering from a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury….
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Mother And Daughter Assaulted At Burger King Over Ice-Cream Cone

A mother and her daughter are filing a lawsuit against a Frayser Burger King, as well as Burger King Corp., after fighting with the staff in September of 2012. Diane Dunlap and her then 17-year-old daughter were at the Burger King ordering ice cream when the employee making the cone sneezed into her hands and continued to make the cone. The mother asked for another cone, which caused a fight. Burger King surveillance cameras captured the fight. The video shows Diane and her daughter packing up their stuff to leave when an employee quickly approaches them, subsequently starting a fight. At one point, one of the employees grabbed a metal sign from one of the tables to use as a weapon. The mother and daughter tried contacting Burger King Corp. after the incident, with little success. They have filed a $3 million lawsuit. Fistfights can result in serious head injuries,…
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