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Car-Train Collisions: Are They Ever the Train Conductor’s Fault?

A Bristol, Tennessee man was driving a waste management truck when he attempted to cross over railroad tracks. He was blindsided by a train and thrown from the vehicle, after which he was airlifted to a nearby hospital with – miraculously – non-life threatening injuries. The railroad crossing where the accident occurred has a white marker and stop sign to indicate the railway, but has no flashing lights or gates to warn drivers of a train’s approach. The cause of the car accident is still under investigation. In situations like these, it can be easy to assume that the driver is at fault. But that’s not always the case. There can be any number of liable parties in train accidents, and every accident is different. Liability in Car-Train Accidents Railroad company liability. Railroad companies have a duty of care to the public to operate trains in a safe and prudent…
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Two Semi Truck Accidents on Interstate 65 Kill Six And Seriously Injured Kellie Pickler’s Drummer

Earlier this month, two accidents in Kentucky involving two different semi trucks on both northbound and southbound Interstate 65 killed six people, and hospitalized recording artist Kellie Pickler’s drummer, Gregg Lohman. WKRN-TV reported that around 11:00 a.m. on March 2, a northbound SUV was violently rear-ended by a tractor trailer. The force of the impact instantly killed six members of a Wisconsin family who were traveling home after a vacation in Florida. Two children, ages 15 and 12, survived the crash and were transported to nearby hospitals to be treated for burns and spinal cord injuries. The truck driver involved in the fatal semi truck accident told authorities that he was aware of the vehicle in front of him, but did not use the brakes in time. Investigators are looking into reasons for his delayed reaction. When this accident occurred in the northbound lanes of I-65, traffic appropriately slowed in…
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Overturned Semi Truck in Sumner County Loses 45,000 Pounds of Ice Cream

It was not a very sweet situation on February 27, when a tractor trailer carrying 45,000 pounds of ice cream overturned on Interstate 65. The Tennessean reported that it was around 8:00 p.m. when the truck accident blocked all southbound lanes, starting at exit 104. The highway completely closed as the cleanup crew diligently began working to clear the scene. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) first estimated that the ice cream cleanup would be completed in time for morning commute at 5:00 a.m., but the last traces of the sticky dessert were not picked up until later that afternoon. The reason for the truck overturning is unknown at this time. The driver reported no injuries. Common Reasons Why Semi-Trucks Overturn Watching a tractor trailer tilt to one side can be a scary experience. What if it suddenly overturned and you narrowly missed or could not avoid being involved in…
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