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How Tennessee is Reacting to Self-Driving Cars

Over the weekend, a news story came out regarding one of the worst self-driving car accidents we’ve seen so far. An Uber self-driving vehicle in Arizona was struck by another vehicle and flipped onto its side. As is typical in cases like this, it was the driver of the other vehicle, not the self-driving car, who was at fault. As more and more companies throw their hats into the self-driving car ring, states are having to adapt to this new technology by changing the laws. How are states around the country adapting to self-driving vehicles? State by State, The Reactions to Autonomous Vehicles In 2016, 20 states considered new legislation governing autonomous cars. That number is up from six in 2012. Thirteen states already have rules and regulations regarding the research and testing of self-driving cars on public roadways (Tennessee included). This year, 27 states have brought bills up for…
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