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Does My Car Have Any Recall Notices?

Did you know that more than 53 million vehicles have recall notices in the U.S. during 2016? In fact, more vehicles and auto parts were recalled last year than at any other point in American history. Many of these vehicles were recalled for using defective Takata airbags. These airbags are linked to 11 deaths in the U.S. and almost 200 injuries. Due to a defect with the inflators, Takata airbags explode with excessive force during minor car crashes, sending shrapnel into drivers and passengers. Although Takata airbags are responsible for much of the recent media attention on recalls, many other vehicles may have been recalled for other defects. If your vehicle is under recall, then it is extremely important to receive repairs as soon as possible. In some cases, defective auto parts may cause catastrophic injuries or death. Many people will have no problem checking if their vehicles have been…
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Are Dealers Selling Cars with Recalled Auto Parts?

The Columbus Dispatch recently had an interesting investigative report indicating that dealers are selling used vehicles still in need of recall repair work. According to the paper, of the millions of vehicles that have been recalled nationwide recently due to defective parts like airbags and ignition switches, some have been repaired, but not all, before being resold. Consumer advocates are at odds over what to do about the issue—some say that it should not be legal to resell cars that have not experienced recall repairs, while dealers are fighting potential bans, saying certain recalls are more important than others are. “CarMax, the nation’s largest chain of used-car stores, has felt the brunt of criticism. Advocates accuse the company of deceptive advertising and want a government investigation,” the Dispatch reported. According to the newspaper, a recent U.S. Senate proposal would end the practice of selling used vehicles in need of recall…
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