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Did Lax Safety Measures Lead to This Firefighter’s Injuries?

Did negligence lead to this Nashville Fire recruit’s injuries? Video of a training drill at Nashville’s new training tower shows recruit Jennifer Lockhart being slowly lowered on a rope when she suddenly drops to the ground, landing on her oxygen tank. She and others were practicing a Nance drill, in which firefighters lower themselves on ropes to rescue fallen comrades. Lockhart remembers hitting the ground and losing all feeling from the waist down. She screamed, believing she was paralyzed, before falling unconscious. Lockhart and another recruit told investigators that prior to the training exercise, she asked her District Chief for an extra rope for the safety line. Immediately prior to being lowered on the rope, Lockhart asked again. She claims the District Chief denied her both times. The District Chief says he does not recall her asking for an additional safety line. Lockhart believes she may have been discriminated against…
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What Is the Most Dangerous Job in America?

Do you know what the most dangerous job in America is? Is it construction? Law enforcement? Commercial fishing? Flying a plane? While all of these jobs have inherent dangers, the logging industry is the one with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 workers: 132.7. Compare that to the second most dangerous job, fishing, at 54.8 per 100,000 workers. The U.S. average for worker fatalities in 3.4 per 100,000. Why do more people per 100,000 die logging every year than any other job? Loggers often work in densely forested areas on unpredictable land. Take the Pacific Northwest, for example, with its rugged, steep terrain. Simply being exposed to these conditions leads to higher risks of injury and death than operating logging machines. The tools they use. Logging machines, chainsaws and more can easily malfunction, causing injury. Workers may also lose control of their machinery, or not have the right amount…
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How Does Tennessee Opt Out Plan Weaken Benefits for Injured Workers?

In Oklahoma and Texas, there is no state-mandated workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, businesses are allowed to create their own benefit plans. These plans are often lacking in compensation given to workers who were injured on the job. This is the Opt Out plan that is only applicable to Texas and Oklahoma. It’s a good thing Tennessee values its workers and doesn’t allow businesses an opt out option, right? Wrong. Two years ago, the Workers’ Compensation Reform Act of 2013 was approved, which focuses on lowering the premium rates for employers. This was well received throughout Tennessee and generally not seen as cause for alarm. Last year, however, lawmakers pushed for additional legislation that would allow employers of Tennessee to opt out of workers’ compensation benefits if the legislation passes. This proposal is cleverly named the Opt-Out Plan. What Does the “Opt-Out” Plan Entail? Essentially, “Opt-Out” will lower employer insurance expenses…
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