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Can You Get Workers’ Comp with a Preexisting Condition?

Earlier this year, a Tennessee man was able to secure workers’ compensation after he injured his knee at work, even though he had a preexisting condition prior to the incident that hurt him. Keep in mind, insurance companies often deny benefits to people with preexisting conditions. According to Business Insurance, the man worked at a Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. warehouse in Memphis when he was injured loading items off a pallet. The incident reportedly occurred in October 2009. The victim reportedly fell to the floor after the incident, in which his knee turned awkwardly, with Johnson & Johnson’s insurer Indemnity Insurance Co. of North America arguing that the injury was “idiopathic and not compensable.” The insurer claimed a surgeon said the victim had an “anatomical disposition” to having his kneecap move out of place and that nothing about his work environment could have caused his injury. Due…
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