As Takata Recall Proceeds, Some Drivers Left with Unsafe Cars

The Takata airbag recall is the largest recall in United States history. Over 40 million cars across the U.S. are thought to be affected by the defective airbags. The defect can cause airbag inflators to explode, spraying deadly metal shrapnel. To date, 11 people have died and more than 100 have been injured by Takata airbags.

But despite the big push for people to have their vehicles replaced, the lines are backing up. Take the story of Amy Whittaker Wright, for example. In July of last year, she received a notice that her Nissan Versa could have potentially deadly passenger airbags. She was told to avoid letting passengers ride in her car, and has been struggling with increased insurance premiums on her second vehicle because she has exceeded the mileage limit due to the limited use of her Versa.

It has been 7 months and she has yet to be told when her replacement airbag will be installed. She has called for Takata to provide those affected by the recall with alternate transportation. Honda, Acura and BMW have offered rental cars to those affected while they wait for a replacement.

What Caused the Takata Airbag Malfunctions?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that the root cause of the Takata malfunctions is the use of ammonium nitrate-based propellant without a chemical drying agent. Due to environmental moisture, high temperatures and the age of the inflators, the defect leads to improper inflation which can explosively lead to shrapnel injuries and wrongful death.

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