TDOT Worker Injured Along Highway

According to WATE-TV, a tow-truck driver was killed recently in Alcoa after his vehicle struck a Tennessee Department Transportation employee who was operating a lawnmower near the highway.

The news outlet reported that the tow-truck, driven by a 42-year-old man, was towing two vehicles going southbound on Alcoa Highway when it struck a mower operated by a TDOT employee. The mower was on the shoulder of the highway and transitioning to the median when the accident occurred.

The accident occurred on July 17. The tow-truck driver died at the scene of the crash. The TDOT employee sustained non-life threatening injuries. As of last week, the accident remained under investigation and charges were pending.

Work Zone Accidents: Move Over and Use Caution

It is unfortunate that someone was killed and a TDOT employee was injured in this work zone accident. If you enter a work zone while you are driving, where maintenance or construction is taking place, you should use always use caution.

If you see flashing lights or signs on the highway that indicate the presence of workers or emergency officials, you should attempt to move away from the shoulder if a lane is available. Additionally, you should follow all posted signs regarding speeds.

TDOT reported that 14 people died in work zone crashes in 2013. It is important for the safety of workers and other drivers on the road that you use caution if you see workers’ present. Highway workers who are injured or killed in work zone accidents may be able to pursue litigation and/or seek workers’ compensation benefits.

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