Tennessee Road Construction Accident Statistics

Warmer weather means we can expect more sunlight, more superhero movies at the cinema, more Sunday barbecues and, of course, more orange cones on the highway. Local, federal and state agencies are urging drivers everywhere to help make construction zones safer for everyone. Here is how Tennessee ranks in work zone safety.

In 2010, Tennessee saw seven fatal car accidents in work zones. This is below the national average of 11. As a whole, there were 1,024 fatal construction accidents on Tennessee roads.

Overall, Tennessee work zone crashes have decreased steadily over the past 13 years:

  • 1996: 5,199
  • 1997: 6,421
  • 1998: 6,268
  • 1999: 5,544
  • 2000: 6,390
  • 2001: 6,574
  • 2002: 7,175
  • 2003: 5,780
  • 2004: 5,434
  • 2005: 5,147
  • 2006: 4,588
  • 2007: 3,370
  • 2008: 2,365
  • 2009: 2,360

The sharp decline in accidents since 2005 coincides with multi-million dollar efforts by the Federal Highway Administration to train highway workers in new safety measures. The administration also issued new rules that make highway workers more visible and construction zones easier to navigate.

This summer, we can all help make our highways a safer place. Most work zone accidents happen because drivers are either not paying attention to their surroundings or driving too aggressively. Exercise some patience and forgiveness when dealing with crowded roads and slower speeds this summer.

“A hot tempered man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger quiets contention.” Proverbs 15:18

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