The 5 Most Common Causes of Accidents During Holiday Travel

The period of time between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Eve is one of the deadliest and busiest travel times during the year. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 91 percent of long-distance holiday travel is by car. If you and your family or friends are planning to travel during this time, or you have a holiday road trip planned, you should continue reading our blog.

5 Reasons for Car Accidents During the Holiday Season

  1. Road congestion. There are generally more vehicles on the road during the holiday season due to road trips, holiday shopping and work or school events. Naturally, with more cars on the road, there is an increased chance of getting into a collision.
  2. Drunk driving. Drinking and driving is common during this time of year, especially with many motorists going to or returning from holiday parties. Drunk drivers can drive erratically and have delayed responses while driving in traffic, which leads to car crashes.
  3. Stress. This time period is also extremely stressful for everyday Americans while they are traveling to buy gifts, decorations, food and other holiday necessities. An increase in stress and fatigue can lead to negligent driving and more car accidents on Tennessee roads.
  4. Weather. This season coincides with winter weather, which can lead to cooler days and nights. Watch for sleet, ice or snow. Inclement weather plays a large role in traffic accidents, and it can even add to the stress and road rage drivers might already be experiencing.
  5. Poor vehicle maintenance. Drivers might also be slacking on routine maintenance on their cars because they’re saving up for other holiday purchases, or they just don’t have enough time.

If you have been in an accident during the holiday season, you could possibly recover compensation for your injuries if the other driver was proven to be negligent. Contact the car accident attorneys at the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis for your free consultation.