What Causes Bulldozer Accidents?

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Recently in Eagleville, Tennessee, a man was killed in a bulldozer accident. He was working on a construction project in Eagleville High School when a bulldozer flipped over. He was pinned beneath the vehicle, and later died from injuries sustained in the construction accident. While they may be uncommon, mishaps involving bulldozers are likely to cause serious injury or death because of their massive build.

Construction sites pose risks if there is a lack of supervision and functioning equipment. Here are some of the most common reasons why construction workers and passersby can be injured by a bulldozer.

What Are the Common Causes of Bulldozer Injuries on Construction Sites?

According the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), most deaths (80 percent) occur when the bulldozer is operating near an edge, steel slope or other depression in the earth. Some of the most common causes of bulldozer accidents are:

  • Jolts and jarring, which can occur when a bulldozer stalls and then abruptly starts working again. If this is the case, unsuspecting workers inside or around the bulldozer are likely to sustain serious injuries.
  • Vertical jarring, which is when the vehicle is backing up.
  • Falling over an edge or other depression in the earth. Sometimes the operator, bulldozer or both fall. Sometimes the operator is injured while jumping out of the machine when he or she anticipates the dozer falling.
  • Rollovers, which can occur on uneven ground or at an edge.
  • Bulldozers rolling over unaware workers, sometimes when a stalled bulldozer suddenly restarts.
  • Unattended and unlocked bulldozers injuring people because trespassers have operated the machine illegally.
  • Rear ending, which is common when a bulldozer is operating on the street. Generally, a common car is likely to receive more damage than a bulldozer, because it is not made out of solid steel. However, the operator can still get hurt due to whiplash or falling out of the vehicle if he is not properly secured in his seat.

Injured by a Bulldozer?

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