What Should I Do If My Loved One Dies at Work?

Nashville Wrongful Death LawyerWhenever your loved one is killed in a workplace accident, you should contact our experienced legal counsel who can determine if you have a possible wrongful death claim.

Each year, thousands of people are killed on the job in the United States. One of the most dangerous occupations in the country is that of a coal miner. While advances in technology and safety regulations have led to a decrease in mining accidents, each year, dozens of miners are killed and/or injured in mishaps.

Sadly, on October 7, Justin Mize, 31, of Harrogate, Tennessee, died in a coal mining accident in Kentucky. According to WVLT-TV, a chain broke while Mize was working in a 68-foot hole, sending falling rocks on top of him.

Officials are still determining how the accident occurred. It was the first mining death in Kentucky in 2014. WVLT reported that Jones came from a family of miners—his grandfather, father and brother all reportedly worked in coal mines.

How Do I File a Workplace Accident Lawsuit?

Remember, if your loved one is killed in a workplace accident, you have the right to have an attorney conduct an independent investigation into the mishap.

While there are agencies that set safety standards when it comes to work sites, such as OSHA and MSHA, and they often conduct investigations following mishaps, our attorney can help determine if negligence on the part of an employer helped play a role in an accident.

If fault is determined and an employer showed negligence, your family could be awarded damages for your loss. While no amount of money can bring your loved one back, it can help compensate for lost income, as well as your pain and suffering. Call us today.

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