What to Do After an Accident in Nashville

A car or truck accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore, many people are left flustered following a wreck, making decisions that can lead to further injuries and negative consequences.

A swift and favorable resolution is what you need in this stressful time. The Law Office of Stanley A. Davis is here to help you determine what to do after a car or truck accident. For over 20 years, we have successfully handled car insurance claims and accident injuries in Nashville. We know how dangerous an I-65 accident can be, so our lawyer uses his extensive experience to fight the insurance companies. Our firm wants you to have every resource and tool available to build your car accident case. We can help you with legal advice, filing a lawsuit, recovering damages and more.

What to Do After a Car or Truck Accident

You want to get the maximum amount of compensation available to help you handle your bills. However, deductibles can burden you quickly. Our personal injury lawyer knows what steps to take to get your insurance to cover more of your expenses. However, the steps you take immediately after you are involved in an accident can also help your case. Therefore, you should:

  • Call Emergency Services: Regardless of whether anyone appears to be injured, you should contact an ambulance and the police department.
  • Do Not Admit Fault: It can be tense after a car wreck. You may be tempted to diffuse the situation by admitting fault. However, you should never apologize after an auto accident, especially if you only have liability insurance. Insurance companies will try to spin your well-meaning apology as an admission of guilt.
  • File a Police Report: A full report is usually not available until several days after the accident. However, you should have the officer at the scene give you a report number. It is important to know that even if a police report lists you as at-fault, this does not mean our attorney cannot change the outcome of the case.
  • Contact your insurer: While you should contact your insurance company and let them know that you have been in an accident, you need to be cautious about the information you provide, as they can use it against you. We recommend contacting our Nashville car accident attorney before any personal meetings with an insurer.
  • Keep a record of medical expenses: When you visit a doctor for treatment, make sure keep all receipts.
  • Contact our attorney in Nashville: Evidence and witness accounts of an accident may become less credible over time; contact our lawyer as soon as possible.

Should I Talk to an Insurance Agent?

It is important to know that you will be contacted by not only your insurance company but also the insurance companies of any other parties involved. These companies train their adjusters to collect as much money as possible in premiums and payout as little possible in claims. Contacting you as soon as possible, while you are still dealing with the shock of the accident, is one tactic they use to protect their profits. While you may talk to your insurance company to report the crash before speaking to an experienced car accident lawyer, you should not speak to another party. Insurance adjusters want you to take a path of least resistance by accepting their initial offer – an offer that is inevitably too low.

By hiring a car crash lawyer with a track record of favorable verdicts, you open the door to negotiation. This allows you to maximize any avenue of compensation while minimizing risks to your future. Many auto accident cases are resolved through an insurance settlement. However, insurers are more likely to offer you fair compensation if you have a lawyer by your side. To help our firm expedite your case, you should make sure to exchange insurance information with all parties involved directly after the accident.

Need Help After a Collison in Nashville? Contact Us for Free a Consultation

Accidents happen in Nashville, especially on busy I-65. A trip to the department store or running daily errands can turn into a long and grueling insurance battle. The uncertainty of life does not need to weigh you down. By having a trained legal professional in your corner, you can reduce your stress and maximize your recovery.

You need the best representation possible after your motor vehicle accident. At the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis, we pride ourselves in the respectful and swift service we bring in and near Nashville. Call us at (615) 690-2080 or contact us through our online form. Our firm can let you know if you have a case at no cost to you through a free initial consultation.


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