Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe in the Snow

The steady dropping of the temperature should leave behind any doubt that winter is here. That means a chance of snow or, at the very least, ice on the roads. Whether you’re a hardy northerner who could drive down a snowy road with your eyes closed or a southern transplant who has never held a snowball in your hand, you should be prepared to brave the cold weather this winter. Here are some tips to help you prevent yourself from becoming involved in a snowy weather accident.

  • Keeping your car well-maintained is important. The cold can make your car behave in strange ways, so staying on top of your maintenance is key. Replace your fluids regularly, make sure your antifreeze is topped off and always keep a full tank of gas.
  • Keep a pair of jumper cables handy.
  • You should always have a flashlight in your car, regardless of season.
  • Have someone teach you how to change a tire, if you don’t already know how (or teach yourself – there are several videos on the subject on Youtube). Keep a jack and tire iron in your car, as well as a spare tire.
  • Another important piece of equipment to keep in your car is a fire extinguisher. It’s unlikely you will ever need it – but you should prepare for every possibility.
  • You will need something to signal other drivers in conditions with low visibility if you are involved in an accident. The flashlight helps, but something brighter might be better. Road flares are highly effective.
  • Make sure you have adequate food, water, blankets, warm clothing and a first aid kit in your car.
  • Keep a rescue tool within arms reach of the driver’s seat (glovebox, console, etc.) A rescue tool should have a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. This will get you out of your vehicle in case of a serious accident.

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