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Tennessee Truck Accident and Car Accident

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Our firm can answer questions about your rights and the ability to file a personal injury claim during a free consultation. Contact our law firm to discuss your legal options with our Nashville personal injury attorney and his team.


Why does someone injured in a tractor-trailer crash or a car accident in Tennessee need competent legal representation?

There are many reason why someone needs a competent professional when this type of tragedy strikes a family as follows:

1. Insurance company are in the business of making money and not adequately compensating victims who have been involved in a truck crash or automobile crash at their insured’s fault;

2. Injury victims do not know the law as it relates to torts, civil procedure, or evidence and are at a disadvantage to the insurance company who is in the business of trying to avoid paying the accident victim;

3. The insurance company will have people investigating this crash from the date they receive notice of it and the accident victim should also have someone investigating this crash;

4. A personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you on what needs to be done to prosecute your claim from Day One and how to preserve evidence which is very important to your case;

5. A Tennessee personal injury lawyer will be aware of the laws relating to the operation of a tractor-trailer and/or automobile on the highways in the State of Tennessee and will also be able to insure that you receive prompt, fair, and complete compensation for your injuries;

6. Statistics show that injured victims who are not represented by an attorney do not receive full and fair compensation for their injuries just as a patient would be ill advised to operate on themselves and a person injured in an automobile crash or tractor-trailer wreck would be ill advised to attempt to represent themselves.

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