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When you sustain an injury at work, you may have to answer a ton of important questions about what needs to happen next: How will you pay for medical expenses? How can you pay bills if you are unable to work? Fortunately, Nashville work injury attorney Stanley A. Davis can work with you to sort through the challenges that make dealing with a construction accident so complex. Our personal injury law firm can provide you with answers to your questions while working hard on your behalf to ensure you gain the financial security you need while recovering from your construction accident injury.

The following answers are not official attorney advice, and each situation is different. For free legal advice from a personal injury attorney in Nashville, call the Law Office of Stanley A. Davis today. We serve workers hurt on the job located all over Tennessee, from Hendersonville to Murfreesboro as well as all the cities and neighborhoods in between.

Attorney Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Tennessee Construction Accidents

What can I do if I get hurt at my construction job?

If you are in an accident while working at a construction site, you should notify your employer or supervisor in writing about your injury as soon as possible. Do not try to continue working after the injury. This often makes your injury worse. You may want to consider talking to a work injury attorney to find out if you are able to seek legal compensation.

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What can I do if I think my workplace is unsafe?

If you have concerns about your safety in the workplace, inform your supervisor of any potential dangers. Then, follow this up in a written note that identifies your concerns. If your employer fails to address these issues, file a complaint at the nearest Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office. OSHA can then conduct an official inspection of your workplace.

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Am I entitled to more than what workers’ compensation provides?

Maybe. Some cases may allow you to receive benefits beyond workers compensation. If a third party, such as a contractor, property owner or defective product, caused your injury, you may then be able to file a third party claim to gain injury compensation. If the reckless actions of your employer injured you, you may also be able to file a personal injury claim against your employer.

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Who is responsible for making sure a construction site is safe?

Typically, property owners or general contractors must ensure that a construction site is safe. If you are in a construction accident because one of these individuals failed to keep the premises safe, then you may pursue a claim for injury compensation.

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Should I talk to an attorney if I was hurt on a construction site?

It is in your best interest to talk with a personal injury lawyer after an injury at a construction site. An attorney can give you specific advice about your situation as well as discuss your ability to file for workers compensation or another type of legal claim.

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