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Who is Liable in Drunk Driving Accidents?

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Depending on the type of drunk driving accident, many people could be at fault. Often, the drunk driver and the insurance company will take on most of the responsibility, but there could be other parties to consider.

  • Employers. If the company party serves beer, wine or liquor, the boss might bear some responsibility if an employee causes a car wreck on the way home.
  • Bars and restaurants. Throughout the week, we have mentioned that victims can hold vendors responsible if they serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons who get behind the wheel.
  • Parents and guardians. If a minor causes a drunk driving accident, the adult or guardian that provided alcohol would likely bear some responsibility. Victims must prove that the parent or guardian knew about the alcohol consumption and made no effort to stop it.
  • Police. While rare, there have been instances of police officers facing charges or demotions for letting someone else drive intoxicated. If a police officer pulls you over, lets you go and you cause an accident under the influence, the police officer is partially responsible. Same goes for a friend, car retailer or car rental agency that lets you drive when you have drank too much.

Drunk driving accidents are more complicated than simply “Party A drank too much and crashed into Party B.” There are many factors at play, and our Nashville car accident lawyer can help analyze your case and decide your best course of action. Call us today at (615) 866-3938 to schedule a free consultation.

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