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Recovering from a TBI? Avoid Alcohol

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Everything changes after a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Depending on how severe the injury is, TBI victims may have trouble moving, speaking or remembering who their loved ones are. They may need intensive physical therapy to regain muscle control. They may not live long after the accident.

TBIs vary greatly in terms of severity, but medical professionals agree on one thing for all victims of TBIs: stay away from alcohol.

TBIs result in fewer brain cells and fewer neurons to “soak up” alcohol. However alcohol affected the victim before the accident, the effects will be amplified even more after a TBI because the brain is more sensitive to intoxicants. Some TBIs can impair the victim’s sense of judgment; any alcohol will strongly exacerbate such situations. Additionally, alcohol restricts the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and interferes with reception of Vitamin B and electrolytes. It can also increase the risk of seizures.

It is especially important to avoid drugs and alcohol during the recovery phase. Alcohol can prevent, slow or reverse any progress made during therapy. It may also react adversely with any doctor-prescribed medication.

In short, alcohol can made a hard situation even worse for a TBI victim, especially during the recovery phase.

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