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Swimming Pool Liability

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Many people installing pools this summer, or purchasing homes with pools, have questions about liability: are homeowners liable in the case of slip and falls? What can they do to ease concerns about swimming pool liability?

The most important thing a pool owner can do is install a four-sided fence around the pool. Otherwise, if a child sneaks into the pool and drowns without the homeowner’s knowledge, the homeowner can be held responsible for not taking enough preventative measures. Install latches that children cannot reach, as well as a pool cover for when the pool is not in use. That way, if someone does manage to break in and suffers an injury on your property, it is considered breaking and entering. For additional security, install an alarm system that lets you know when someone is in or near the pool.

Make sure that emergency and life-saving equipment is nearby, including life vests, lifesavers and first aid kits. Also, it is a good idea to take out an insurance policy on your pool that covers accidents. Most owners take out a minimum $1 million policy just in case something happens.

Finally, make sure that you are keeping a close eye on everything that goes on at the pool. If one of your guests is horsing around, drinking alcohol or generally creating an unsafe environment, feel free to remove them from your pool.

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