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Two Separate Car Accident Fatalities Caused by Vehicles Traveling Wrong Way

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Within the span of one week, drivers going the wrong way on busy highways caused two different fatal car accidents in Tennessee. The first occurred on March 15 and involved a semi and pickup truck. Authorities reported that a passenger truck traveling the wrong way on Interstate 40 collided head-on with a tractor trailer around 2:00 a.m. The truck driver, 41-year-old Scott Beaman, told police that he attempted to move out of the way, but was unable to avoid the horrific collision. The fatal truck accident caused several explosions in addition to a large fire that took Knoxville firefighters two hours to contain. WATE-TV reported that the driver of the pickup died at the scene. His name is being withheld until dental records confirm his identity. The driver of the tractor trailer was taken to Physician’s Hospital suffering from minor injuries, and was later released.

The second car accident involving a driver traveling the wrong way happened on Clinton Highway near Murray Drive. Around 8:00 a.m. on March 20, a Chevrolet Monte Carlo containing three people was traveling south in a northbound lane when it struck a van head-on. Everyone involved in the car crash was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. The occupants of the Monte Carlo sustained varying injuries, and one passenger died shortly after arriving at the emergency room. The driver of the van did not sustain any injuries.


Safe America recommends one method to tell if you are traveling against the flow of traffic. Many road reflectors are duel colored with a different reflective hue on each side. If you are traveling the correct way, the reflectors will appear white or yellow. If you are going the wrong way, the reflectors will appear red to warn the motorist of their error. Most drivers are unaware of this fact because they have never traveled the wrong way.

Nashville car accident lawyer Stanley A. Davis wants to work with you if you have been the victim of a car accident caused by a negligent driver. Negligence such as traveling the wrong way, being distracted by a cell phone or falling asleep while driving can cause serious injuries and may sometimes be fatal. You deserve the opportunity to seek legal justice, and to hold the negligent driver liable for their actions. We want to help. Talk with our firm today about your experience at (615) 866-3938. We serve clients throughout Tennessee, because we care about Tennesseans.

“A wise person’s good sense protects him, but a fool’s lack of sense leaves him vulnerable.” – Ecclesiastes 10:2

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