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Hospital and Clinic Meningitis Outbreak Affects Hundreds Across Tennessee

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The Tennessean recently reported that a fourth lawsuit has been filed against a Nashville clinic and outpatient center. Virginia Neely alleges that she became infected with meningitis after receiving tainted injections, which may make the facility liable for medical malpractice.

This case comes in the wake of a nationwide outbreak of meningitis that is believed to have been caused by patients receiving infected spinal steroid injections. According to the report, some 741 have been affected, with 152 cases occurring in Tennessee. As of the writing of the report, 15 people in Tennessee had died from the infections.

The manufacturer of the allegedly infected injections was the New England Compounding Center. It filed for bankruptcy late last year after facing over 400 lawsuits. Neely originally filed her suit against the NECC, but her efforts to reclaim compensation for injuries was hampered by the company’s bankruptcy filing. Consequently, she filed suit against the clinic and outpatient facility that injected her with the infected medication.

Infected medication is considered a healthcare “never event”, or a mistake that should never happen under any circumstances in a healthcare facility. Virginia’s case even goes as far to argue that the clinic purchased the defective injections because they were the cheapest available. If this is proven true, then the legal proceedings will involve both defective product and medical malpractice laws.

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